Our vision and values

Our mission

Notting Hill Housing exists to provide good quality homes for those who could not otherwise afford them.

Our vision

To be London’s leading housing organisation with residents who love where they live and staff who love where they work and what we do.

Our values

We are motivated by the positive impact that good quality, affordable housing has on people’s lives. We were established in the 1960s by a group of committed individuals who wanted to make a difference to housing conditions in London. Today, we are a remarkable housing association. We are still making a difference by providing homes and services for people in need. We believe that by providing a safe, good quality and affordable home we change lives and communities.

We are inspired by what we do; we act with integrity and openness; we challenge and support each other; and we are united. We are independent, financially strong and have good governance. We are one Notting Hill Housing.

Our corporate strategy 

Our 2015-20 strategy was launched in July 2015. Our five-year strategy was developed following extensive consultation and work with our board, wider governance community and our staff, and identifies five priorities, seen in the wheel below. Download our Corporate Strategy 2015-20.

NHH corporate strategy wheel

Our mission remains the same as it has always been: to provide good quality homes for those who could not otherwise afford them. But we face unprecedented challenges over the next five years as policy, the economy, population demands, the housing market and residents’ needs and expectations all change. Our new strategy outlines how we will stay true to our core purpose at the same time as addressing these challenges.
NHH Chief Executive Kate Davies

Environmental responsibility

We believe that protecting the environment is key to a high-performing, successful organisation.

We’re committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our environment for our employees, residents and the wider community. This means reducing our contribution to climate change, pollution and use of the earth's scarce resources, by effectively managing energy use, resource use, waste and emissions. We:

  • Strive for intelligent and sustainable solutions in the new homes we build, focusing on energy and water efficiency, sustainable sources of heat and power, materials and air quality/ventilation;
  • Recycle, reduce and reuse in our business operations, from printing to lighting to office supplies;
  • Encourage and support our staff to use low-carbon transport, offering bike storage, showers, a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme and oyster cards for work;
  • Raise awareness among our residents on how they can reduce energy and water use at home and about the benefits of leading healthier, more sustainable lives;
  • Measure and report our environmental performance.