Development partnerships

As one of London’s leading housing associations, we have an active and ambitious development programme, and work closely with a diverse range of partners across the capital.

Our experience and financial strength and security have allowed us to develop a range of residential projects in partnership with contractors and architects. We build over 1,400 homes a year across London, with housing stock in 31 of the 32 London boroughs.

We’re on the London Development Panel and TfL Property Partnership Framework, which give us access to considerable development opportunities. We also have excellent and current working relationships with local authorities across London, and for many we’re on their preferred partner frameworks.

Types of partnerships

We look at all opportunities to continue our growth, and are securing more and more new build projects through joint ventures and partnerships, keen to work with others that share our ambitions.

Joint ventures

We work with a diverse range of partners to bid for a site together and share the costs, and when we secure a bid we establish a 50/50 JV and develop out the scheme. The development is jointly funded with both parties sharing the risk and profit. We’ll forward fund the affordable housing element of the scheme, stripping more risk out of the JV. These partnerships are mutually rewarding, as we benefit from respective skills and expertise, and we’re able to work on opportunities that often would not be possible to do individually.

Section 106

The London planning system requires that affordable housing is provided on most new residential developments through what is known as a Section 106 requirement. We work successfully with house builders and developers to help them deliver and manage their affordable housing obligations. We’re extremely experienced in integrating tenures and helping to build a sense of community on site.

To see who we are working with and where, browse our development map.

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