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Barham Park, Brent

Barham Park

Barham Park is a phased estate regeneration project being undertaken through a tri-partite development agreement between us, Brent Council and Countryside Properties. It started in the summer of 2010 and has created 338 new homes, retail space and a neighbourhood community facility.

At a glance

Barham Park was built in 1970 using a form of panel construction called 'Resiform'. Although in a great location, close to Sudbury Town tube station, the homes had reached the end of their useful life and needed to be replaced. Works commenced in 2010 with the final phase completing early 2018.

  • Architects: Frank Reynolds
  • Contractor: Countryside Properties
  • Units: 338 (122 Social Rent, 65 Shared Ownership and 151 Private Sale)

Explore the development

barham exterior

About Barham Park, Brent


It was originally intended that the project would proceed as a tenanted stock transfer, but this plan was subsequently abandoned in favour of a phased redevelopment proposal. The desire to retain and maintain the existing community strongly influenced the design and phasing strategies. We worked closely with Brent Council helping tenants move across to their new homes and negotiating with leaseholders. We offered resident leaseholders discounted sale units and shared ownership homes on the new development and worked through a compulsory purchase order process to support the negotiations and acquisition of the non-resident leaseholders.

Residents were consulted on the regeneration plans and provided ideas for the design of their new homes and the services that we will provide future residents on the redeveloped estate. All consultation activities at Barham Park were underpinned and supplemented by the work of an independent resident adviser from Priority Estates Project, an organisation specialising in community support and consultation.

Phased approach

The project was planned in three separate phases.

  • The first phase of Barham Park completed in January 2013, creating 62 maisonettes and flats for social rent, 31 flats for Shared Ownership sale and 37 homes for private sale. The homes range from one-bedroom flats to large family maisonettes with gardens.
  • Phase two completed in April 2015. This phase provided a further 33 social rent units, comprising of three and four-bedroom family houses and a further block of one and two-bedroom flats. Countryside will also be completing a further 53 private sale flats.
  • Phase three completed in early 2017, creating 27 social rent units (houses and flats), 34 Shared Ownership units (flats and maisonettes), and Countryside developed a further 61 private sale units.