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Park Lodge Avenue, Hillingdon

Park Lodge Avenue

The 623-home Park Lodge Avenue project was completed in January 2013, having redeveloped a significant part of the London Borough of Hillingdon.

At a glance

Park Lodge Avenue was a Section 106 scheme led by St George. We partnered with them to look after 203 of the homes, 45 of those Shared Ownership properties.

  • Architects: Broadway Malyan
  • Contractor: St George
  • 203 (45 Shared Ownership and 158 affordable rent)

About Park Lodge Avenue, Hillingdon


Park Lodge Avenue is a part of the larger Park West development in West Drayton. The site was once a brownfield site, formerly used to accommodate the Royal Air Force. 


In October 1993, the site was declared surplus to the Ministry of Defence's needs and was left vacant from 1997.