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Royal Arsenal, Greenwich

Royal Arsenal

Royal Arsenal is a vast area of regeneration alongside the Thames where we own and manage 75 Shared Ownership properties.

At a glance

We joined Berkeley Homes on this extensive redevelopment project through a Section 106 agreement. Whilst we have acquired our 75 Shared Ownership properties, the entire project is due to take 20 years to complete.

  • Architect: Acanthus LW
  • Contractor: Berkeley Homes
  • Unit: 75 Shared Ownership

About Royal Arsenal, Greenwich

A cultural quarter

From stored munitions to the original establishment of the Arsenal Football Club, the area is renowned for its historical significance. A cultural quarter is set to be created with art galleries, theatres and museums for residents and visitors to the area. The plans for the new town square will feature a water cascade, a large outdoor screen and new seating areas; all to be complimented by a refreshed, modern landscaped design.


The area

Ideally placed next to the Thames and close to Woolwich Arsenal DLR station, the future addition of Crossrail means the area will become increasingly well connected.