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The Point, Islington

The Point

Revolutionary for its time, The Point was the first new-build development to link up with the Islington district heat network, as well as to have its own combined heat and electricity system (CHP) system.

At a glance

The Point was a joint venture with Mount Anvil, who also led the construction of the development. The development was completed in March 2012 and is also home to a few businesses, including a conference centre.

  • Architects: Formation Architects
  • Contractor: Mount Anvil
  • Units: 158 (107 private sale, 37 rental, 14 Shared Ownership)

About The Point, Islington

A hub in the East End

Situated in the centre of London’s East End, The Point provides a range of housing solutions for the local area including rented and private ownership. At street level, seven commercial units enable community centred, open frontages. Underground cycle bays, parking and commercial storage is also available.