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Kate Davies, Chief Executive

A blog about organisations, change, culture and leadership

I have been thinking about starting a work-based blog for a while. I already blog about dressmaking and fashion in my spare time and I love the interaction and discussion that it stimulates. I have been wondering if there is a space for a serious discussion about workplace and organisational issues?

Together with an amazing board and senior team, I run a large, London based housing association. We have over 1,000 staff, a turnover of about £400m and we make about £130m of profits annually. This surplus allows us to invest in homes for low income Londoners and we build about 1,500 homes (around 60 per cent of them are at below market rent or sale). Notting Hill Housing (NHH) is a successful business but it is also always learning about how to be more effective and successful. Creating and changing the culture which underpins this success is probably the main job of the chief executive and it is something I think about a lot. I am hoping that this blog gives me a chance to share our thinking, and our experience at NHH, and to ask for your feedback. The blog is aimed at people running large organisations but maybe of relevance to our managers, staff and customers too.

Kate Davies, Chief Executive