Get involved

Resident involvement is an opportunity for you to influence the decisions that affect you, your home and your local community.

By getting involved, you can:

  • Influence services and decisions at NHG
  • Help make sure we provide value for money services
  • Receive training and support to develop your skills
  • Meet other residents and service users.

To thank you for your time we will:

  • Pay your childcare, carer and travel expenses
  • Provide light refreshments at events, meetings and focus groups
  • Offer rewards, such as shopping vouchers for attending certain focus groups
  • Provide language interpreters and signers or an induction loop on request.

Ways to get involved

There are a range opportunities to share your ideas and help improve the services we offer. Have a look through the opportunities below.

  • Local Scrutiny Panels

    Local scrutiny panels are formal groups of residents and NHG staff who work together to improve the services we offer in areas across London (eg. South London). They're made up of permanent rented housing tenants and homeowners and supported by housing managers who work in the local area.

    Read more about LSPs

  • Resident and tenant associations

    Resident and tenant associations invite residents who live on a block, street or estate to come together to discuss what's important to them, have more of a say in how things are run and work with us to improve their communities. They are run by residents, for residents.

    We offer advice and training on how to set up an RTA and our team is here to help you step-by-step. We can even provide some funding to get you on your feet. You can either join an existing RTA, or set up your own.

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion forum

    The equality, diversity and inclusion forum meets quarterly to consider and promote the broad spectrum of equalities issues and needs across our customer base (e.g. disability, mental health, visual impairments etc.). 

  • Value for money panel

    This group meets quarterly to discuss a range of topics concerned with value for money. Residents on this group can get involved with helping us make the best use our resources. Examples of topics discussed in the last year include income collection performance, our complaints compensation policy and the way we tender services to achieve best value. 

  • Communications panel

    Interested in writing and publishing? The communications panel helps us to put together The Resident, our quarterly newspaper, by writing and suggesting articles and providing feedback for improvements. Panel members also give us feedback on other publications from time to time.

  • Resident monitors

    Resident monitors help us make sure cleaning, gardening and other services we provide are carried out to the highest quality. Making sure that your neighbourhoods are clean and tidy is very important to us and we know how much it matters to you too. By becoming a resident monitor, you can help us make sure we're delivering the service you expect from us. 

  • Focus groups

    We hold focus groups when we have a specific topic that we want to discuss or want to make improvements to a service. We work with residents to use their feedback in order to develop the idea and make the changes.

    When we're planning changes to our service or introducing something for the first time, we ask for feedback and ideas from residents. The way we consult with you will depend on the topic. We may call you to ask a few questions or invite you to a workshop to discuss ideas.

Feel free to email or call us to find out more at or 020 3815 0010, or jump right in and...

Apply to get involved