Repairs and maintenance

We're committed to providing secure homes for our residents and to keeping our properties in a good state of repair.

If something in or around your property needs fixing, please report a repair to your housing officer or property management officer (PMO); however, please check below which repairs you are responsible for carrying out yourself.

Report a repair

Which repairs are you responsible for?

After you've moved in, there are certain repairs and maintenance we expect you to carry out yourself, and others that are our responsibility. You can find out more about which repairs you are responsible for and which ones we take care of in our resident handbooks

  • Tenants

    If you're a tenant, you're responsible for:

    • Internal decorations
    • Repairs to small cracks in plaster or woodwork
    • Repairs to furniture, floor coverings (including carpets, lino, tiles, wooden floors and carpets) or appliances
    • Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, starters or fuses
    • Fitting smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or replacing batteries
    • Replacing toilet seats, shower heads, hoses and plugs for sinks and baths
    • Installing additional locks or other security features, or replacing keys and changing locks if you are locked out (Note: In an emergency or where your home is not secure we may carry out these works for you, with a charge)
    • Garden or basement clearance and cleaning (except where covered by a service charge) or repairs to any items that have been damaged by you or your guests
    • Repairs to any appliances, fixtures and fittings you’ve installed yourself (e.g. gas cooker), unless these have been specifically approved by us in advance as home improvements. (Note: Any repairs to gas installations such as cookers or gas fires should be carried out by a certified Gas Safe engineer)
    • Any deliberate damage caused to your home, including that caused by members of your family or your guests. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for these repairs.

    If you're elderly or disabled and you're not able to carry out certain repairs that you are responsible for, please let your housing officer know, and we can arrange for an alternative.

    We're responsible for all other repairs to your property and for providing planned and cyclical maintenance services to your home, such as property painting and roof repair.

  • Homeowners

    If you're a homeowner, you're responsible for any repairs inside your home. You are also responsible for any pipes, cables and so on which serve only your home.

    You're not generally responsible for repairs to the structure of the building, and areas or services provided to all residents in a block or on an estate. These are the responsibility of whoever owns the property.

    If you live in a building we own and manage, we provide a repairs service to maintain the structure of the building and the shared areas of your building or estate.

    Where there is a superior landlord we must relay any report to them or their appointed managing agent though you may also be able to report to them directly.