We will be completing only emergency repairs for now.

Where we're responsible for repairs in your home, this could be:

  • A heavy leak in your property, where it's not possible to contain the water or it is leaking between floors or properties.
  • An electrical fault which endangers health or life.
  • A fault which means that your only toilet is not functioning.
  • A serious failure of heating or hot water.
  • Serious sewage and drainage problems.
  • Securing your home – for example, if your entry door lock is broken – where you cannot do this yourself

Where we're responsible for your communal areas, this could be:

  • Securing communal door entry systems.
  • Fixing health and safety issues, such as emergency lighting.
  • Fixing communal heating and hot water.
  • A heavy leak through the roof or other structural element, where it's not possible to contain the water or it is leaking between floors or properties.

Please note that these are examples, rather than an exhaustive list.

Existing repairs

We're working through the list of repairs reported before the government's stricter guidelines came into force. Our contractors will contact you to update you on the status of your repair as soon as they can. 

If you're able and confident enough to carry out basic repairs yourself, you’ll find various self-help guides and videos online. If possible, always refer to manufacturers’ guides for branded items. Please don't attempt to carry out repairs to your electrics or gas appliances.

New-build repairs

For new-build properties that are still in their guarantee period, non-emergency repairs (or 'defects') can still be reported but will be on hold until the government guidelines change.     

How to report your repair

Please contact your officer. If they can’t respond, your call will be redirected to our customer service centre, who will be able to help. You can also use our website live chat service, which may be faster than phoning.

Please don't report repairs through your online account. We need to talk to everyone requesting a repair so we can check it’s an emergency and make sure we take the necessary precautions to keep our contractors safe if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19.

We’re sorry not to be able to complete your non-emergency repairs as planned. We'll keep the details so we can restart work as soon as possible once current restrictions are relaxed.