Important message for homeowners

Recent Government advice around fire and building safety has led to lenders requiring more detailed information about the construction of external walls, particularly where there are external cladding systems and/or balconies.
Where the level of information they are seeking cannot be provided, lenders will not issue a mortgage until this is the case. So far, this has mainly only affected lending on properties of 18m and above (around six storeys in height), though it has affected smaller buildings in some cases too. The implications of this Government advice has been a moving picture and may therefore be subject to further change yet.
This is a national issue, affecting all building owners in the country. We are working to be able to provide the level of assurance mortgage lenders are seeking across our buildings but unfortunately, this is a huge undertaking and so we may not yet be able to provide this for you.
If you are thinking of selling your property, staircasing or re-mortgaging, we strongly urge you to contact us before making any financial commitment.
NHG will only be able to work towards obtaining this information for buildings where we are the freeholder. If we are not your freeholder then you should contact your managing agent who will be able to confirm what steps are being taken to provide this information for your building.