Selling your home

If you’re a homeowner and you’re ready to move on, you have the option of selling your home. If you want to sell your Shared Ownership property, you must initially do so through us. Only when you own 100% of your property will you be able to sell it on the open market (through estate agents) without consulting us first.

We'll try to sell your property to people on our Shared Ownership waiting list, but if we fail to find a buyer you will be given permission to sell the property on the Open Market.

How is the property valued?

An independent valuer will set the price of the property and your share of the value will depend on the share you own. Improvements you have made will be valued separately when these have received our prior approval. This is so that you will not pay again for the improvements.

What are the costs?

Besides the fee we charge to recover our expenses the costs associated with selling your home are:

  • The valuers fee
  • Your solicitors fees
  • Our solicitors fees
  • The cost of solicitors enquiries.

Learn more

If you'd like more information about selling your home please call our Sales team on 0203 815 1234 or email Alternatively you can download the following guides:

Download our Guide to selling your home

Download our Shared Ownership resale instruction form

Download a list of recommended surveyors panel valuers

You can also see contact details for financial advisers and solicitors.