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Lingham Place, Havering

Lingham Place

This scheme of 130 new homes forms part of one of the capital’s most forward-thinking programmes, Harold Hill Ambitions, focused on renewing Havering for the people who live there. 

At a glance

Plans for the area include further expansion and improvement of the shopping centre, as well as new housing opportunities throughout the borough.


  • Architects: PCKO
  • Contractor: Countryside Properties
  • Units: 130 units (93 affordable rent, 37 Shared Ownership)

About Lingham Place, Havering

The design

The site, which is a mixture of flats and houses, was praised during public consultation for being a much needed and long overdue redevelopment of the area. The style of housing is sympathetic to the surroundings, with buildings not exceeding 3 storeys.

The design ensures that each unit is distinctively separated from its neighbour through the use of rainwater goods and entrance porches.


All upper floor flats have generous balconies to supplement the ground floor amenity space. At ground level, flats are provided with front patios and secure gardens. External spaces are designed to maximise public uses, hard paved areas prioritise pedestrian use and allow informal children’s play in line with Homezone principles.