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We're one of the largest and most financially robust housing associations in the country. We own and manage nearly 32,000 homes across London with a vacant possession value of more than £11bn.

We have nearly £1.3bn of loans and £391m of undrawn facilities (both as at 31 March 2016). £800m of the borrowings is in the form of bonds issued by Notting Hill Housing Trust, firmly establishing the fixed-income investor base as a key source of long-term funding. 

See below for more details of our results and financial position. More information about bonds is available at the bottom of this page.



The following is information about each of the bonds currently issued by NHH.

The Group's total bond issuance is now £800 million and firmly establishes the fixed income investor base as a key strategic source of our long term funding.

Funder's Day 

Our annual Funder's Day took place on 29 November 2016. You can download the presentation here.

Presentation to investors

You can download our presentation showing our latest updates to investors (January 2017).