Group Board

The Group Board is made up of the two boards Notting Hill Housing Trust (NHHT) and Notting Hill Home Ownership (NHHO), which meet together six times a year. The Group Board provide strategic direction and oversight to NHH.

The Board is made up of professionals from outside the organisation, our own residents and members of our Executive Board, bringing a wealth of wide-ranging experience. The Chief Executive, Kate Davies, and the Executive Board ensure that the strategic direction provided by the Group Board is delivered.

Decisions are made not just by the Group and Executive Boards but also by committees, which also feature non-executive members. This work occurs within the context of our legal and regulatory framework, financial regulations and scheme of delegations.

Group Board members

Members of the Group Board are elected for three-year terms by our shareholders.

Andrew Muir, Andy Belton, John Hughes, Kate Davies, Mark Vaughan and Paul Phillips are co-opted members of the Group Board. The other, non-executive, Group Board members and their principal activities outside the Issuer are as follows: