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Royal Albert Wharf, Newham

Royal Albert Wharf

Identified as the capital’s next business district, the historic Royal Docks area will gain thousands of homes in the next 15 years. Our Royal Albert Wharf project is a step towards this wider regeneration, building over 1,800 homes with at least 40% for affordable housing.

At a glance

The Royal Docks form the largest enclosed docks in the world, surrounding nearly 250 acres of water. The whole area is set to gain over 9,000 new homes by 2027. The development will include commercial, retail, arts, leisure and community space

NHG has assembled three different sites within the Docks into a single scheme with integrated masterplanning and a coherent design approach. In May 2018 Royal Albert Wharf was awarded the RICS London Development Property of the Year Award  and the RIBA London Award.

  • Architects: McCreanorLavington, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • Contractor: Galliford Try
  • 1557 (901 private sale, 322 Shared Ownership, 261 affordable rent, 73 private rent)

Explore the development

Royal Albert Wharf, Newham
Royal Albert Wharf, Newham
Royal Albert Wharf, Newham
Royal Albert Wharf, Newham
Royal Albert Wharf, Newham
Royal Albert Wharf, Newham

About Royal Albert Wharf, Newham

What's happened so far

We've been working in the Royal Albert Basin since we acquired our first site, Great Eastern Quays, in 2008. Four years later the GLA selected us as the preferred partner to deliver the neighbouring site, Gallions Quarter. Between the two sites we are delivering over 1,500 new homes to the area, and marketing them as one overall development called Royal Albert Wharf.

We've worked with the local communities in Beckton and Woolwich to design new public spaces and useful communal and retail facilities. 8,700 square metres of new commercial, retail, leisure and community space will create hubs around the Gallions Reach DLR station and the dock water front. Work space, cafés and bars will line the dock where a 100-year old Edwardian ‘Pump House’ still operates while a tree-lined square will act as a focal point for the community. Public transport, pedestrian and cycle routes are also set to be improved.

Master plan

This summer, phase 1 of Great Eastern Quays will be completed whilst construction will start on phase 2, together delivering 35% affordable housing. Works will also start on the neighbouring Gallions Quarter, where we are delivering 40% affordable housing. The whole of Royal Albert Wharf will be managed as one estate through a management company based in the new estate office in Great Eastern Quays.

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting property development projects in London today, Royal Albert Wharf will ultimately form a brand new neighbourhood in East London: a vibrant, thriving and sustainable community in a historic riverside setting. The mix of commercial and residential buildings will seamlessly fuse the old with the new, while inspired architecture and landscaping will ensure it is an attractive, dynamic environment.

The Royal Albert Wharf water space is comparatively small within the context of the Royal Docks. The masterplan for the area is an active dockside lined on both sides by workspaces and enlivened by moored boats on the water.