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Love where you work

Join us and help build London’s leading housing organisation. Find the latest job, training and apprenticeship opportunities below.


We’re a forward thinking social enterprise with a rich and innovative history. We’ve got the same purpose today as when did in 1963, our founding year: to provide good quality homes for those who could not otherwise afford them. 

We believe that we could always do more and we're excited to announce our proposed partnership with a like-minded organisation, Genesis, in 2018. This means that together, we can make a bigger difference for those in housing need across London and the east of England.

Find out more about us, our partnership and our work.

Who are we looking for?

We’re not looking for one type of person. We’re hugely diverse  - our new integrated organisation will have over 2,000 staff doing all kinds of jobs across London and the southeast of England. 

We work in many different areas which means we can offer careers in a variety of professions, from buying land and building new homes to the long-term successful management of thriving communities.

Whether you’re delivering front-line services to our residents, supporting our operations from a valued office-based role or helping to build our new homes, there’s room for all kinds of passionate people here.

To see which job opportunities there are with us now, please click on the current vacancies section below